What’s one major difference between school now versus when you were a kid?

As an elementary school teacher I find the playground to be stress inducing due to the fact that it causes so many issues. We have an incredibly safe playground at my school and yet kids are constantly getting hurt while playing. They don’t seem to be able to play without getting hurt. To the point where it makes me wonder if they rarely play outside at home and so just aren’t used to playing properly outside.

We played tag when I was a kid but if you let these kids play tag they end up with broken bones. That has actually happened. And it’s not because they are being any more rough than we were. Like I said, they just seem to get hurt more easily. And my students are always bumping their heads and crying and then I have to go and get them ice and contact the parents. Contacting parents due to recess injuries is always a headache.

That’s not even going into the fact that the kids have serious social issues and can’t seem to get along at all on the playground and the parents expect you to solve every little dispute between the kids, no matter how minor.

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