What’s one secret you and a parent have kept from the other parental figure?

My Mom's biggest pet peeve when it came to report cards from school was any work that was marked "missing or late". She never cared if we failed a class as long as we handed in all of our work and tried our best. Although even if you were passing a class my Mom would flip out and yell for hours about how we have one thing to do at school. And thats just to do the assignments. So for all of my education until leaving high school, report cards would be bad if they said "Missing or late". Even if the grade in the class was good. So my senior year of high school I did very little assignments, but passed all of my classes. Senior year was a joke. When report cards came around and my Dad saw missing and late assignments he pulled me aside and asked what happened. I explained to him that I spoke to some teachers about it already and will handle it and not to worry. I remember he just said "Good, do all that and your mother doesn't need to find out".

Fast forward about a year or two later after my Dad died, Mom was going through his stuff and in his nightstand at the very bottom she found that report card. He literally took it to his grave for me and I thought it was so funny, my Mom and I shared a great laugh over how it all played out.

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