What’s the one sex act you’ve always wanted to try out but could never find somebody to do it with?

I understand cuz I was raised the same, so I didn't even know if I was or could cum till not even a year ago and I'm in my late 20s. And I've been lucky to be with guys who are very patient and understanding, but it just wouldn't happen, I was too in my head, not just about squirting, but cumming, or being in the moment. But I definitely understand why you wouldn't want to tell her this is your fantasy, and that's actually very caring. It's something she needs to discover on her own time, probably similar to how I did. Focusing on the feeling, and lusting/being in my head with my fantasies, and especially the dildo and vibrator for a long period is what changed it up for me, and I began to understand what I had been doing wrong before. It's a skill, that takes time to understand how tf you do it, like whistle blowing with my fingers, I still can't do it even tho ppl tell me step by step how, but I just keep at it, one day I'll lock my fingers in the right way or blow, lol, in the right way and it'll happen and I'll realize shit, now I know what I did wrong. Regardless some women probably won't be able to do it in their lifetimes, and I thought I was one of them, but I was not. But yeah, the second it becomes goal focused, you will never reach that goal

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