What’s a pet peeve you have about a current or past partner?

This is not a pet peeve but my boyfriend has suddenly gotten into a new hobby…and I’m wondering what’s up with that. It’s very unlike him to not explain to me why he’s gotten into something. Like if someone recommends something or he researched something, etc. I’m trying to not overthink it, but I’m definitely observing his behavior. Last night I casually asked him what got him so into X suddenly. He didn’t really answer the question and was like “I have many interests.” Y’all I’ve been with this man 7 years this is not an interest of his. Mind you he’s gotten new hobbies and stuff in 7 years and I support that, but this is so random and he’s not talked to me about it at all. Which I find a bit odd. Could be nothing, but he’s lied to me about a few things in the past so I am just gonna kinda watch. I also recently told him I don’t wanna get married any time soon. And he has this coworker that texts him frequently and they have mutual interests. She’s allegedly married. And trust me, I don’t care that they speak outside of work as I am not a jealous partner. Plus I am not one to even be able to be upset…trust me.

But yeah I’d say my pet peeve is the various lies I’ve gotten in the past. That’s the only reason im even paying attention to this. It’s been like 2 years since I last caught him in a lie, but it was regarding his contact with another woman (he didn’t cheat). So I am like hmmmmm.

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