What’s a really fucked up thing you’ve witnessed as a kid but didn’t realise it was until you were older?

There's so much to unpack it's gonna seem like a kid trying to win the most fucked up cock measuring contest. Also in the spirit of the thread its not in order per se, it's just all the shit I remember.

It started when my aunt was killed in a murder suicide by her boyfriend at the time. My mother and I were staying with her. He snuck into the house and shot her while she was doing laundry, and my mom blocked him in the basement so he shot through the door but ended up killing himself.

I was held hostage so many times by one of my mothers boyfriends that I all but stopped staying at home. When I stopped staying at home, it all became directed on my mother. It was completely normal for her to have a knife around her throat. I was unable to do anything about it, classic domestic abuse, she would lie to the police. So I never called them anymore. He did have a restraining order at one point, and hid in my bedroom.

One day we were at his house deceased mother's house, and he was incredibly violent, when he over dosed we left and walked probably 3-5 miles at 2 in the morning till our neighbor could pick us up.

My mother was renting a second house so that she could stay over there, and keep him away from me, Maybe? I got snowed in over there with no power several feet, trees down all the way to the main road he walked down the road and stole everyone's Christmas cards. My mother ended stuck at work for several days and as bad as everything else was my mind repressed the memories of those days stuck there with him.

My mother herself is an unconsolable alcoholic. Everyone is against her and she threatened to 10-14yo me that she would kill herself many times and that if I wasn't around she'd be gone already.

One day a 4wheeler magically showed up at our house, the sheriff's office came to pick it up a month later, stolen of course.

I've been stabbed with a fork, beaten and generally abused all around.

I didnt have a single present from 10-18 because no matter who she was with it would end up stolen sold or pawned.

Her last boyfriend before I moved out of state completely lied about being a vet, and was also an abusive drug addict. He almost got me taken away and turned my mother against me, I had a couple of fire arms, and he made it seem like I was unfit to have them, so he could get rid of them for drug money. I came home from school one day and my dog and cat were dead in the yard, each with one bullet hole to the head. He tried to convince me the neighbour had done it because they were on his yard. He even "broke down" crying and tried to hug me. I buried them and left.

Before that in one of my mom and his away stints, he turned his mother against us and convinced us that she had died to get sympathy, I ended up seeing her, and she didn't say a single word to me.

There's so many things. Probably good I don't remember more.

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