What’s a really fucked up thing you’ve witnessed as a kid but didn’t realise it was until you were older?

When I was about 13 there was a girl who was 18 who would sexually flirt with me and a friend of similar age at the church we went to in a small town. Nothing crazy, a kiss on the lips at most (small chance she did more with the other kid who was a bit more wild/undisciplined than I was), but looking back definitely feels weird af + illegal :( At the time I didn’t really have a concept of it being wrong because it was someone I knew who was a member of the church and a friend of the family.

Similarly I knew a girl who was a freshman in high school and dating a 30 year old dude! I thought it was weird at the time but only because of the age difference, I didn’t realize it was ILLEGAL. Again, the Internet was not like it was today, the “world” still was very local at that time, at least for me.

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