What’s a really fucked up thing you’ve witnessed as a kid but didn’t realise it was until you were older?

Well... No, she never gave me what she promised. This lasted for two years, so when my sister grew up she started giving me some more. I tried asking her about this things, but she denies them and says I make up things to get attention. I am the most introverted and shy person you could get to know. You're right on the abusive side. I have countless episodes in which she plays the victim, doesn't keep our secret, throws fits in which she gets violent, talks shit behind our backs with my DAD, which just agrees, or talks in a way that we can hear; has denied me medical care which is REALLY fucked up, often forgets to buy the things we ask her to, doesn't even know what I like. Has also arrived to threathen us with knives/forks and such things. She also used to say "If you keep crying you'll end up throwing yourself under a train at 14" when I was 7:/. My biggest achievment is simply knowing I got past 14 and I'm still alive. I know it may sound dumb, but it's a big victory for me. She now isn't as violent as she used to be when I was younger, thankfully, she's calm, generally. What's more fucked up is that I thought this was normal for everyone. I discovered it wasn't until the first year of highschool, thanks to friend that are just a second and my most loved family I have.

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