What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen?

Got surrounded by 4 or 5 Barracuda off Fort Lauderdale Beach when I was a kid. Had a shiny metallic snorkeler on. I think that’s what caught there attention. I was definitely surrounded and it was pretty scary.

I found a young man who hung himself from a tree at a park. I’d seen dead bodies before. But for some reason when I saw him, it was like I saw myself. Like it looked like me I guess. It was weird. I was frightened by it. The feeling it gave me is hard to convey. Scary works though.

I worked for a construction company for a while. We went to a job outside Atlanta GA. There was a an empty unfinished house next to the house we were working on.

On the 3rd day there while on lunch I noticed a Cat poke it’s head out of a basement vent window.

I decided to go over and see if the cat had kittens or was stuck in there and was gonna give it some food and water. It was a totally vacant house.

When I got to the basement stairs I smelled something I never smelled before. It was definitely the smell of death but had a chemical odor to it.

I was afraid to go further but did. I was only 17. I get to the bottom and hear a noise that sounded like electricity but it was flies.

There was a dead man who committed suicide by drinking chemicals. He drank whatever was in the basement the police told me.

When my brain figured out what it was that I was looking at. And looked in that man’s face and saw his empty eyes. Empty like 2 black holes. My stomach felt like it disappeared.

It was the feeling people get when they shit themselves I guess. My gut turned to air. Lol

The GA incident was years before the park incident.

Was very scary to see.

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