What’s something that happened to you in your childhood that you’re still pissed about?

My primary school arranged for all the kids to set up bank accounts when I was around 7/8 years old. This bank then went on to contact me when I turned 16 with a new card and a £50 overdraft. Mistakes were made in my young age and charges were vastly accrued over a 3/4 year period. Every month I paid charges until I finally pulled myself together and broke even and started a new account.

This was stupidity on my part in my financial ignorance but THE PLOT THICKENS. Several years after I broke out of the vicious circle I learned of other friends breaking out of the same circle and having problems with this exact same bank account we all got at primary school, it's ALOT of people and you bet not many want to talk about it! Something with it just doesn't feel right, I understand that every single one of them people made bad financial decisions but I feel they were targeted when particularly vulnerable (16) with the £50 overdraft.

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