What’s something you need to get off your chest?

My business is slow this month and it's causing me a lot of guilt and anxiety. I know it's going to pick up, it's just a post-Christmas slump and it happens every year. But I have two family members among my employees now and I know they need money and are struggling. I feel bad that I can't create more work for them right now. My mother paid off my car several years ago and now she's in debt and I can't help her. I'm sick of always struggling and now the added guilt of having people dependent on me is making it worse. That along with the fact that I have too much free time. I did some cleaning this morning but after a couple hours, slumped back in the chair and watched TV. That's what I do all day, I watch TV while my family waits for more work. It's awful. I resent them a little bit for not making better financial choices.

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