What’s something people constantly get wrong about you?

Some people apparently think that I’m foreign (I live in America). Hasn’t happened that much as of lately, but it used to happen somewhat frequently. I know I dress a bit differently (everything has to be coordinated sometimes or I feel anxious leaving the house) and because I’m put together I would get asked if I’m from another country, and was also asked before if I was a tourist (usually people think that I’m French because the clothes I have are coordinated). Also my face looks a bit strange in my opinion (skin is white but apparently my family is other things that I didn’t know about so some features on my face look a bit different than what you would expect I guess) and I’ve been asked many times what nationality I am because of this and somehow that factors into me being from a place other than where I live. Plus I have a speech impediment that goes on and off and sometimes I have a hard time forming my words and have to pause, and people think I have an accent but honestly it’s just my mouth refusing to work plus my brain freezing in the process.

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