What’s something that people should stop normalizing?

i want people to stop normalizing the little "but she's your mother" "he's your father" "thats your family" shit when it comes to toxic and very strict parenting and you're cutting them off. it's pathetic and disgusting. you have a right to cut off toxic and strict parents that are just borderline abusive.

STORYTIME: i'm living with very strict overprotective parents because they decide that it was okay to give me an entire fucking lecture about why i can't date irl or online because it'll make me "too grown" or become "one of those fast ass girls my age" all because I dated an ex (M 16) who is the same age as me (F 16).

First he asked about my age since we both met through pubg we where 14 around june when that happened. ( back story: this annoying ass kid was convincing me to play pubg during 8th grade and i was like "fuck it why not")

later in july he admitted to me on roblox that he liked me. i gave him my phone number and discord tag and that's when my mom found out..on sept 23, 2019. she put restrictions on my phone, delted my socials. Despite trying to prove to them that me and him did face reveals and he look like an actual teenager-

now i think my instagram is hacked as of june 2021...wtv im creating a new one

as of 2021 now because we broke up since the end of april due to this and other issues.... if i want to pull out my phone to look up sizing for clothing in a clothing store or the nearest restaurant my mom will be like "who you texting" talking to myself as a train of thought: "who you talking to?" etc.

The problem with strict parents is that they're not letting their children grow and be individual..theykre treating them like a pet instead of an actual human being. Which is the reason why kids with strict parents are the sneakiest and will eventually push their own parents away or either cut contact from them (which i'm planning to do soon)

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