What’s something that’s going on in your life that you would like to vent about?

This is the EXACT thread I needed right now:

I’ve been dealing with a bunch of health issues and could really use some emotional support right now, but don’t reach out to others for fear of being a burden. And on top of that, feel like shit for canceling plans or not getting together with people because of my health issues.

Haven’t seen the guy I’m dating in nearly a month due to his work schedule and my health issues, and am honestly just absorbing as much blame as I can because that’s what I do. But now I’ve got friends in my ear saying that a lot of his behaviors point to me being a side chick or just a booty call which is something I’ve been subconsciously afraid of the entire time. So now I’m trying to hang out with him but feel like he only wants to see me because he’s horny, and feel like I’m not holding up my end of whatever this is by feeling up to meeting up.

And I just want to sleep but can’t.

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