What’s something that’s becoming normalized that you dislike?

My state made cannabis medically legal and now every-FUCKING-where stinks of goddamn weed. I walk into my office this past Thursday…weed. I walk outside of my home, next to a large apartment complex…entire yard stinks of weed. Grocery store…slow-assed trashy couple browsing thru the Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll section for ten minutes…stink of weed. Go on a small family vacation, check into the hotel, go up to our room, open the door…stinks of motherfucking weed. It’s really annoying. It is more pervasive and disgusting than cigarette smoking ever was. At least most smokers were polite about it…shitty potheads don’t give a fuck and you can’t say shit because “iT’s mUh mEdiCiNe”…no, you’re a filthy, scummy pothead.

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