What’s something weird/funny/embarrassing you’ve done on Auto Pilot?

This happened yesterday. I'm working on a TV show in post-production. Normally, we get our paychecks shipped to us (since our production office/accounting is in another city), but with the holidays coming up, we would not be around to receive next week's paychecks. For reasons that are unclear to all of us, the accountants have refused to let us do direct deposit. That left us with one option: print them at our payroll company's office, which is close by. All I had to do was pick up this week's and next week's checks, scan them to the accountants, and distribute. Easy, right?

I got the checks and called the accountants to double-check the procedure. I then proceeded to make sure that all the checks were there, stuff them into envelopes, and give them all out. I even mailed two (one envelope). It was an hour before I realized what I had done. I was able to get most of them back from my coworkers, but three of them had already deposited them at their banks (mobile deposit, people!). And then there was the mailed envelope: I had slipped it into the mail slot in the building where we park (which is not the building we actually work). So I go back there, open the slot, and lucky me, the mail had not been picked up (two hours late). Even better, the envelope was still there! I reached in and almost got it, but not quite. Not willing to again risk getting caught red-handed committing a felony, I waited for the mail to be picked up. Not too long after, the mail lady came by, and I was able to convince her to give me the envelope back. I scanned all the checks I could and the pay stubs for the ones that had been deposited. Still not fired, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.

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