What’s something your parents told you that you will never forget?

I was around 17 years old and went with my dad to my youngest brother’s soccer match (he was around 8 at the time for reference).

My dad was coaching, so he was on the opposite sideline, when two parents started getting into it on the spectator sideline. Really going at it...thought it might come to blows, cause sports parents can be ridiculous.

I, still a kid technically, stepped in between the parents and really laid into them, shoving them apart, and yelling about how ridiculous they were being while at a children’s soccer match. Just yelling over them like a kid who thinks he’s the shit at 17.

It ended up embarrassing the parents enough that a kid was making more sense than they were that they walked away. Nothing more was said on the spectators sideline aside from cheering for their kids the rest of the game.

Game finished. Everyone went home. Nothing unusual. Normal car ride home. Though not a word about the game.

Once we got home my dad, who missed everything that happened but was told about the event by many of the other parents, couldn’t stop gushing about what he was told to my mother. Didn’t even know he had any knowledge of the event.

Then once he finished he looked at me and said “I’ve never been prouder.”

He still brings up that game whenever he tries to humble brag about him and my mother raising me right. And he’s not wrong. They fucking nailed it. But to me it just came naturally.

Though at that moment, and the fact that he is still brings it up 12 years later, always makes me proud to be their son and makes me feel good.

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