What’s a story you’ve always wanted to share here but no one ever asked the right question?

Two things of note before I start: 1. I don’t believe in spirits or ghost or demons (I don’t discount the possibility all together, but I don’t actively believe anything of the sort exists) 2. I get night terrors and on rare occasions will experience sleep paralysis.

So having night terrors is nothing new to me - it’ll scare the bajesus out if everyone else because my eyes will be wide open while I scream about intruders or attackers - but once i actually wake up and calm down I’m fine and don’t place any significance into what i had seen or done. Except for two times....

On the day my grandpa died, I had left the hospital after visiting him.... it’s taken me a long time to sort of... numb the memory of what transpired during this visit... it was about 7 or 8 at night when i got home and I immediately just went to bed, fully dressed. During this short exhaustion power nap, i had a night terror. My grandpa was lying on the ceiling near the door to my bedroom. He was so... so very angry... the moment i saw him he flew at me. Like he was a spirit and whatever held him to the ceiling suddenly released and his only objective was to go for my throat. At this point i’m being gripped and shaken lightly by my husband because I’ve been flailing in bed and screaming bloody murder for the last few minutes. When I wake up and stop screaming i just break into hysterical sobbing. Minutes later while i’m still shaking and gasping, trying to stop crying and completely unable to tell my husband about my night terror, he answers a call on my phone and quietly tells me that grandpa had passed away.

Fast forward a few years later, grandma is now in the hospital, unbeknownst to me. (She went into the ER around 12AM or so and my family didn’t want to wake me.) at about 3AM I have a night terror, this time I’m paralyzed. When I opened my eyes I was in a a hospital room and i could move. I tried to speak and could make a sound. It was hard to breath and the more i tried the harder it got until i felt as if i was suffocating and could barely take a choking inhale. I tried desperately to find my husband, scream out for him, but nothing, my hands wouldn’t move and my mouth wouldn’t open. It the more i feel like i am dying, alone, and terrified in an empty hospital room the more i start to regain consciousness and control. I finally am sitting fully awake in my own room next to my sleeping husband and my pillow is soaked from silent tears. Alright, nothing new, been through this before and I just calm myself down and go back to sleep. By morning my brother calls and tells me the bad news: grandma passed away last night at the hospital. I’m shaken. “Why didn’t anyone call me earlier?” Well, no one saw it coming. She was stable and left alone in a standard overnight hospital room, but she had slipped away in her sleep. Now, the night that grandpa died has haunted me ever since, so out of pure morbid curiosity i ask, “what time did she pass?” Somewhere around 3:30Am....

I’ve honestly never told anyone i know about either of these, and I probably never will, but they’ve been haunting my memories for years and I can’t shake them or the feelings they’ve left me with

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