What’s the story of your most unexpected friendship?

I'm a little under forty now. When I was a sophomore in HS I met my best friend.

I had a met him a few times but never talked that much. He lived kinda near me and our school was pretty far from where we lived, like 40 minutes or so. He needed a ride home one day so I gave him one.

In the car he kept like hitting the back of my head from the passenger seat. He did it about 20 times and I was like "dude, if you do that one more time: you're gonna be sorry" a few minutes go by and he did it again and I hocked this giant loogie that I had been working on right in his face.

The rest of the ride was in silence. I dropped him off at his house and he started walking through the door then did the Columbo move "oh, one more thing" and walked back to the window. I unrolled the window and he spat in my face.

Me and this dude have beat the fuck out of each other several times over the years, especially back in our whisky drinking days and shot fireworks at each other etc... etc... Nothing too crazy has happened in the last 10 or so years.

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