What’s the stupidest thing that ever got you sent to the principal’s office back in your school days?

Every day this girl I was sort of friends with would not have enough money for lunch. She was consistently 5 cent short and I never asked why this was. So every day I would give her a dime, and she would give me the nickel change. Well one day she decided she was going to keep the nickel change, and laugh about it with her friends at the “cool kid” table she sat at. So I took a closed ketchup pack and put it down the back of her shirt. She had no idea what it was and started freaking out and panicking, then she sat down on it and it busted all over her pants. Bitch told on me and somehow I wind up in detention because I was charitable to a snitching thief. On the bright side her actions got her ousted from the cool kid group.

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