What’s under there? Snapchat to find out. Please-thanku

Thank you so much!! I do love taking requests for outifts, and I LOVE learning new things about myself and others.

I'm on the submissive side, so I need a guy who knows what he wants, but I have an aggressive streak, too, which NEEDS to come out once in a while.

Unfortunately I've had some things pop up since I first posted (no not that ;) so any sort of "dating" for the time being is going to have to be online, with the possibility of exploring a different type of arrangement at a later date.

This had just been a lil fetish for me (always been a voyeur, recently found out I'm an exhibitionist too, but with my schedule change and living situation (bf and I broke up, I kept the apartment, so working double-time), I'm going to have to prioritize. If I don't get back to you right away, please don't panic.

Buuuut, because you asked nicely, and I'd be doing it anyway, my snap is :: Please-thanku ::

If you like what you see, don't hesitate to help a girl out sometime, ya?

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