What’s up with fast promotions?

I’ve been promoted fast, and though I can rationalize the speed - especially when comparing my skill set against people my size (plus/minus 20lbs), around my belt level, and my age (almost 50). Against larger than 20lbs, I still fare well, but if you add size and age, I’m toast. Moreover, put me against a twenty something competitive blue belt my size, and I have problems. I won’t necessarily tap, but I’m stuck in reaction/defense mode the whole round. That being said, put me against someone who is just like me with double my training time, I’m still competitive. And I train with people from all over, not just my school. I, undoubtedly, have earned my rank. Regardless, I still hate the fact that I have been promoted quickly. Here’s to hoping I stay at my current belt for a looong time.

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