What’s with men?

White shooters had higher median fatalities (6 [IQR 5–9] versus 5 [IQR 4–6]) and total victims (9 [IQR 6–19] versus 7 [IQR 5–12]) per incident. Confidence intervals of NH Black versus NH White fatalities rate ratios (RR) ranged from 0.17–1.15, and of total victim RRs from 0.15–1.04.

The low number of victims for mass shootings from members of minority groups suggests that they included gang shootings which obviously are not a part of what OP was refferring to. This suggests that if we go by the colloquial definition OP used: shootings done by individuals targeting people the idividual does not know and has not met, usually for racial, political, religious or inscruitable reasons (not economic or personal revenge) that have large numbers of victims, then the numbers in the study agree with op. The vast majority or nearly all mass shoters are white men.

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