What’s a woman’s worth to a man.

One of the biggest errors is to seek to be loved by a woman. When in reality a man needs respect. It's the man the one who loves more the spouse, not the woman. (To love is to sacrifice yourself for others) A woman, in general, loves her children a lot more than she loves her husband. The husband doesn't need to feel loved, he needs to feel respected. And they don't give you respect nowadays, sadly. If a woman is loyal to you and follows you (I mean not in the beginning to earn your heart, but I mean always) then it's very likely she's the one. But alas, they don't make them like this anymore. A woman, in other times, respected the man that loved her and their family, who was strong, and provided them with stability. But now in the majority of cases, women have been indoctrinated into hating and disrespecting men like that. The only woman that will truly love you is your mother (if you had a good mother. A normal mother.).

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