What’s the worst date you ever had?

I know I'm super late to the party but boy do I have a story for y'all. Deleting later.

Was talking to a guy on tinder for a couple of hours who was a teacher. Wanted to come over Later to experiment with some things I was open to sexually (butt stuff). I give him my address and tell him to come over whenever he's ready. Looking back I realize now this was a horrible idea but holy hell am I naive.

This man comes over on his LUNCH BREAK. Weird, but whatever. There's not really time to hang out or get to know each other I guess and he asked to go to the room. I obliged.

I had a three piece set of butt plugs in different sizes and a strap on. This man didn't even want to start with the smallest size, he wanted to go straight to the largest butt plug without any prep or stretching. Oh, and tells me he can't get hard without huffing paint. We y'all, I'm terrified and mortified but it's too late to back out of this now so I find some nail polish remover and sit there while he huffs it. Man gets hard immediately and just starts beating his dick.

We had already laid a towel under his bottom in preparation. He wants regular, not numbing lube for his poor, untrained butthole. Lubed it up and try putting it in there but he's not stretched or ready. He's in pain but loving it. Tells me to keep going despite the resistance from his body. Man's loving it and I'm internally freaking out.

After a few minutes of pushing I finally got the plug in and he starts bleeding all over the towel. Idk if the noises were from pain or pleasure but right after I get it in he finishes.

Thanks me, gets up, pulls out the plug to drop it on the towel, gets dressed and leaves. Ghosted him and deleted tinder for a long while. Had a few more encounters that were wild but none quite as bad as that.

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