What’s the worst thing you’ve accidentally drank?

I have 2. I don't know which is grosser.

  1. I was an art major and would be painting in the studio at all hours. I painted in oils. Once, during a long late night session, while reaching for my beverage I accidentally drank the paint thinner I was cleaning my brushes with instead. It was very unpleasant, but I spit it out real quick and was fine.

  2. Before we were married my husband used to spit loogies into old seltzer water cans, and then never clean them up. You may see where this is going. More than once I misplaced my can, went to take a sip out of what was actually a random can of now flat water, and drank his loogie. Eventually I got him to stop spitting in cans AND clean up his cans.

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