What’s the worst thing you’ve accidentally overheard?

I overheard my parents talk about how much of a financial burden I was becoming and they wished I wasn't around. I couldn't get into a local university as the cutoff was too high so I had to look overseas. International student fees are not cheap (almost 35,000 a year) and so is living overseas and flights. I have been below average my entire life and I know I'm costing my parents a lot of money. When I try to get a job they won't let me as they want me to focus on my grades instead. They want me to get a corporate job, I want to make movies or screenwrite. I know I've told them my dream but they said they won't fund it. So for now I gotta get through uni ,make some money and then move on to filmmaking.

After that,they basically talked about other people's over achieving kids and how I am not like them and how their parents are lucky. And made fun of how I could not do things right or could barely get an A in class. Its not as bad as some of the things I hear here but it wasn't easy for me to hear and made me want to just stop.

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