What’s your best ‘but wait, it gets worse’ story?

It was my final semester of college. My mom died of pancreatic cancer and I found out via an online obituary because my aunt (who was in charge of her hospice care) couldn't be bothered to contact me. 2 months later my dad had a heart attack while at work. Thankfully he was alright but my brother who I lived with at the time had to fly out and take care of him for a few weeks. Then 2 days before final exams I came home from work around 11pm at night to find my brother on the floor in our apartment bathroom. He had herniated a disc in his back sending his back into spasms and couldn't get up to call me. I called 911 the fire fighter paramedics came and got him transported to the hospital. I spent the night in the ER with him till they got some imaging done and admitted him for the week.

My uncle called me and told me not to worry about my exams. He said I would do fine because bad things only happen in threes. Thankfully he was right and all was well, I graduated just fine. It definitely felt like it would keep getting worse though for a moment while deleriously tired in the hospital and trying to study for exams.

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