What’s your best ‘but wait, it gets worse’ story?

Alright guys, this is my first time on Reddit and posting. I was in the middle of my story when my computer just randomly logged me out and now I want to die. i literally just spent 30 mins writing for nothing. :(

Anyways, my first year of HS sucked butter nuggets. That summer, I was pretty much addicted to working out, and so my body was really shredded. I was also starting a school in a different town. Because of this I was pretty much forced into football, with no prior skills or knowledge. Literally had never joined any extracurricular or committed myself to anything before then. Because my mother knew my coaches, (they came to the bar she worked at) I felt really pressured to meet their expectations.

Since I knew absolutely nobody there, I went there with high hopes to become friends with everybody. Oh, and do I mean everybody. (Yes, I was that kid, I was really weird in middle school and because of that I was bullied and I bullied others.) I tried to fit in with everybody. My first big mistake.

On the day we got our official jerseys and stuff, we were walking around the lobby, when the volleyball girls came in. I saw this one girl and thought she was really, cute but my friend wanted her number, so I took one for the team (or so I thought) and got her to give him her number. They ended up not working out, because she was interested in me. So, we started dating, just like that.

One day, I was just chilling with my "friends" A, B, and C. A was on the team with me, B and C were classmates. Well, we decided to go watch the volleyball girls. On our way there, we pass the cafeteria, and as one does, I go in to check if the fridge ( the big one where all the drinks are) is open. Sure enough, it is, and as one does, I proceeded to raid the fridge of all carbonated drinks, with the help of my A, B, and C, or course. (Mistake #2)

We got caught the next day.

We all got off light, with two days of I.S.S. I physically and mentally could not, at all, give any less of a shit. Until my coach saw me and B in the office and dragged us into the locker room. B got off with 1 week suspension from football, while I was kicked from varsity and got 2 weeks off football.

Well, since I had school in another town, I was like a 30 to forty minute drive away from. (By car, when I rode the bus it was well over an hour.) My mom worked a lot, so I would usually go to her friends house and stay there for a few hours until she could pick me up. Well, guess who decided to not tell their mother about getting kicked from football practice for those two weeks? (Mistake #3) So for the next week and a half I would just go over her friends house and stay there for a few hours, and on her days off I would wait and then run back to school when time came for her to pick me up. (Mistake #4)

Then came the inevitable. That day, I had fallen asleep, since no one was home and woke up to it being nearly time for her to pick me up. I got my ass up and ran for my life. (Her friends house was a 30 minute walk.) Well, just when things looked up, and the school was around the corner, guess who comes speeding down the street? My mom had decided to come early today and watch me practice. Before I even approached the car she was already screaming at me, berating me with questions. It was over. We drove to the school, and she asked my coach why I wasn't at practice, with everybody in the lobby, watching it all. My coach looks at me with that sad disappointed look as he explains to my mother what happened. He felt pity for me.

When everything was explained, my mother only got angrier and lost her shit in front of the entire team, just going off on me while everybody was silently giggling to themselves and making comments.

On the LONG ride home, all she did was tell give me a speech about how she does everything for me, and how disappointed she was, how i'm being punished, etc. I was pretty much drowning her out, like moody teens do, when I heard her say i'm done with football. That hurt, because that pretty much all I did. Then, she had go on and rub salt on the wound when she took my phone and broke me up with my gf.

(Now, for the past few weeks, I had started liking her more and more by the day, until one day I was walking her to her class, and she at the door she said the words "I love you." Holy shit was I floored. I was stuttering, all over the place, and she just stood there waiting for my response. I told her it back, but at the time I wasn't really sure. But, after she told me those words, all I could think about was her. She was actually my first love.)

So no way was I about to break to break up with her. But still, I got really sad at the thought and started crying. The next day, I got to school and she immediately confronted me, thinking it was me who broke up with her. We got it all sorted out, and just went on with our day.

It only took 4 days.

That Thursday to Monday was the worst period in my freshman life.

When the week ends, I'm really sad that I don't get to talk to my girlfriend for the next two days. That Monday though, boy was I happy. I literally only got up and got ready so that I could see her. When I get to, everybody is just staring at me. I'm thinking there's something on my face, so I go into the bathroom and check. Nada. Whatever, I'll just ignore it and go sit with my gf. I head into the gym where we all hang out before school starts, and I sit next to her on the bleachers. We start talking about random shit, and we get a little intimate. That's when I see some people laughing. Laughing at me. Then I see my friends each start to file in, and every time they look up and see me, they just start laughing.

I'm over here looking puzzled because everyone is laughing at me and I have no idea why. Then, my at the time best friend, comes in with the same reaction as the rest of them, so I decide to confront him. I ask him whats up, and he motions me to follow him into the locker room. He tosses me a bag of cookies and says, "here, you'll probably need these." I really loved food and snacks and stuff btw. Then my other friends start giggling to themselves.

My best friend goes "Hey look, (GF) cheated on you." I start laughing to, thinking it some joke. "No, really." He pulls out his phone and shows me a screenshot of text messages. Sure enough, the texts are pretty sexual. Then, to my dismay, he shows me a picture. A picture of my gf and friend B. Welp, I didn't come out of the locker room until the bell rang, and then stayed in there and waited for everybody to go to class first.

Ok, so my neck hurts right now, and it's pretty late, so I'm gonna go to bed. I'm sorry this took so damn long for me to explain and whatnot, but this isn't even half of the shit that went wrong freshman year, because it gets a lot worse from here. If you want to hear the rest of what happened then just comment it or dm me ig? Idk how this works yet. Anyways, again, sorry for the long ass story I just needed to get this out there its been two years and I still look back at how much of a train wreck that year was. Also, if you have any questions, just ask away.

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