What’s your best ‘meeting a famous person’ story?

I was a guest of Peugeot at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where they asked if I'd like to co-drive for Kris Meeke on the rally stage. Amazing.

I had to go to a briefing to get my MSA Licence (as it's a proper timed motorsport event), and sitting next to me was a familiar face, but it was only when he spoke that I realised it was Paddy Hopkirk. He'd forgotten to bring his licence with him, so he had to sit through the briefing as well.

"Apparently winning the Monte Carlo Rally isn't good enough for these folks." he joked in his distinctive Northern Irish accent. We talked about various stuff, and I mentioned that I had one of his roof racks (cringe).

So I went off with Kris Meeke, and learnt the stage from his pace notes. We did 3 sighting runs, then a full-on blast. I've never seen driving like it.

We got back to the paddock area, and as I was getting out of the 207, Paddy Hopkirk comes past in a replica of 33EJB - the car he won Monte Carlo in. He shouts across "Kris! This guy any good?", pointing at me.
"Well, we just set the fastest time by over 3 seconds." replied Kris.

"Right, hop in." says Paddy, patting the passenger seat of the Mini.

I only did one run with Paddy ("OK, I think I've got it young man. I don't want to be rude, but I'll be faster without the extra weight.") but what an experience.

We then got chauffered down the hill and taken for drinks on the balcony of Goodwood House - and I ended up chatting to Felicity Kendal. "My Dad used to fancy you." I told her.
"Yes, a lot of people's Dads used to fancy me." she replied, acting mock offended.

Best day ever.

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