What’s your biggest pet peeve?

These are my personal pet peeves. I have never been rude to another cosplayer beyond asking them to modify their behavior if theyve made me or someone else uncomfortable. I’ve only offered constructive criticism when people ask me for it. And do something useful with your life? Clearly you don’t know me because I’m a dynamo. Accepted to the #8 university in the country after completing my gold award by creating a national database of autism research volunteers, working for a month at the CDC on the SEED project, interning in an operating room for two weeks, doing a national study on the self efficacy of lgbt adolescents for my scientific research class, becoming a sponsored cosplayer, earning a nearly 99 GPA average, taking 13 AP courses, helping care for my mentally handicapped sisters, taking flight lessons, studying abroad in germany, and managing to have a social life and run a blog that pisses you off. Why don’t you do something useful with your life besides hide behind that anon button because you’re too afraid of a 17 year old who has opinions.

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