What’s your daily practice?

This may sound trite but I endeavor to stay present as often as I can. I would say that is my main core practice. As the years have gone by it becomes more effortless.

Of course I also do formal zazen most days. Often multiple times a day. I mostly do shikantaza.

For the last year or so I've been working through the white plum koan curriculum with a teacher (not my main ordination teacher). I rarely focus on the koans during zazen though unless I'm stuck on something so I can't really say it's a "daily" practice. The meeting with the teacher to present my "understanding" of my current loan is once a week.

Even though I'm ordained I don't chant on own much. Just when I'm with a group. I've gotten some feedback I'm not a very accomplished "kokyo" (chant leader) so I should probably practice that more.

Also my teacher has pushed me into taking some baby steps towards teaching dharma so pretty much on a daily basis I'm doing something involved with that. One could probably make the case that this is my primary practice these days.

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