What’s your dirty lil secret?

I found a porn site at 11 I had stumbled onto the internet and one day this lady messaged me on one of those fake scam websites on a ad I clicked.She made me download a app she used and I showed myself to her she then Used my email to find my name which also happens to be my fathers name and threatened to send the vid between me and her to several of my dads friends on facebook and him if I didn’t give her money I panicked and used a card in my house I found to send payments over western union to random addresses. They called me and asked if I was being scammed and I told them everything I got the money back and she sent the videos out recently my dad found out I’m 17 now he told my mother and she asked if I was scammed I said no and we breezed by it I live in fear it will come back up…. My 11 year old penis was sent to 45 people and my father and it was swept under the rug thank god.

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