What’s your favorite smell?

Any soap bar that is green.

Wet dirt.

The smell of a worn-out N64 cassette.

Copal incense.

Chocolate cake. (Has to be cake, specifically)

The tip of a sharpie marker.

A coca-cola / pepsi bottle that is full. Mmm.

My bed sheets.

The smell of pencil. (You know, when you finish a drawing)

Clay. Especially petrol-based clay. (also chalk since it's 9% clay)

My own body odors before and after masturbating. (Spicy one. I know)

The smell of an animal (especially horses). I associate it with adventure.

Funky smells, like tinner and ammonia. (A spicy one too).

Popcorn. The more butter, the better.

Lavanda. The smell of lavanda is underrated.

New books. New electronics. New plastics. New anything.

People I love. Even if it's just a sweater or a scarf.

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