What’s your guys take on the several recounts over the nation?

I think occurrences like finding forgotten ballots left in a rental car are clear violations of the chain of custody, and all ballots should need to be accounted for at all times.

I don't however know if it's fraud or incompetence, and I don't know what to do with those ballots.

Disallowing the ballots violates people's right to vote. It also allows malicious officials to purposefully mishandle ballots of working Ann area that will vote against their views.

Allowing those ballots is an easy avenue for fraud, even if it wasn't fraud this time.

A re vote gives a single county a lot more power then they should have and will have a higher voter turnout ou'd they realize they are deciding the election. That's also unfair, and can be abused by an official who wants that county to revote and "loses then finds" ballots.

Whether it was incompetence or fraud I hope it fucking rains pink slips in Broward county. Realistically probably some paid leave.

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