what’s your guys opinions on all these manifestations and witchcraft and stones/crystals that’s blowing up all of a sudden?

I'm a little surprised to hear someone say "it's blowing up" because I was into this stuff in the 90s and everyone I talked to about it rolled their eyes and thought I was a little nuts.

There is nothing to be afraid of though. There are some far out spiritual ideas that will always make the rounds. I know a lot of religious people are raised to think new age spirituality is satanic but it's all a grift.

People want to believe in something. But the only religion people are exposed to is often just ball of angry, weird rhetoric and dark predictions about the "end times." The only dangerous part of this experimentation is when someone has psychological needs that aren't being met and they have put a ton of pressure on themselves to try to find some form of "enlightenment" to solve all of their problems.

I think it makes it pretty clear that human beings are complicated animals and no single belief system works for everyone. And unfortunately there are a lot of con artists willing to prey on them if they are unlucky in life and haven't been able to figure out what to believe in.

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