What’s your job position? Really struggling with anxiety over jobs/job searching

I'm almost 23 and I'm about a year into Housekeeping (plus Laundry) at a small three-floor hotel. While I still struggle to keep a conversation going with co-workers or even say anything more besides "hi!" to a guest it's been going alright. Many days I often feel pressured because we're understaffed and need to clean many rooms in preparation of check-ins (so bad that sometimes we'll even ask for help from another hotel owned by the same company).

It's not my cup'o'tea, the anxiety varies from week to week but overall has gone down ever since, since everything's pretty much procedure and I'm used to the environment. Goal is to quit and maybe take up classes a few months from now but I'm having anxiety just thinking about how to leave.

Terrible at giving advice but if you can find something that fits you then that may be best, or perhaps a medium between something you can withstand and the job doesn't involve many anxiety-inducing situations (in my case: social interaction). Without a doubt the hardest part might not be the job itself, but the interviews.

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