What’s your opinion on loli’s

I mean it’s just cartoons so it’s not really the same as real life. I think they’re cute in anime but in real life I’d throw up if a girl that small and young was acting in an adult fashion. People don’t look like anime characters ever not even in real life. Anime characters don’t have or rarely if ever have imperfections like wrinkles or jagged teeth or pimples or scars, hell they hardly even have noses. Lol it’s really not the same as real life at all. For instance in some circumstances there will be lolli characters that are quite old like in re:zero with Beatrice, if you’re into her doesn’t make you a pedo, as she’s literally over 400 or some shit, plus she’s a damn anime character which looks nothing at all like a real human it’s 2D drawn pictures. Not at all realistic looking.

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