What’s your scariest sleep paralysis experience?

Middle seat on a long haul flight (LAX-SYD) about 10 hours in and I finally fell asleep, which I’m usually unable to do on airplanes. I “woke up” in a cold sweat shortly afterwards, feeling like my stomach was in my throat and may throw up any second. I’ve never felt so sick before in my life, and I used to drink Fourlokos before they watered down the ingredients. I wanted to hop over my seat neighbor and run to the bathroom, but I was literally unable to move despite being consciously aware of everything going on. In my head I was screaming to the flight attendants to help me. This went on for what felt like a fortnight, but probably closer to 20 minutes or so. Somehow I snapped out of it and no longer felt sick; but I was still freezing, sweating and now out of breath too. Worst fucking flight ever.

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