What’s your worst experience with a drug?

Technically not a drug but a nootropic, a blend of different stuff that was supposed to give you energy and focus (brain-e). The first 5 minutes when it kicked in were fun, I got some energy and I excitedly picked up my math book to see if I could focus better (I have adhd). I couldn't. It soon changed from excitement to anxiety and frustration, I started shaking a lot and then got really nauseous. It was awful and by then I only wanted it to end, but it was quite long-lasting.

Hours later my (now ex-)friend convinced me we should go out drinking. I was feeling like shit and just wanted to lie there and wallow in misery, but finally figured doing something could make it better. On the bus ride there I was really nauseous and completely dissociated, I at one point asked my friend if this was real life, he was less than supportive and only laughed at me.

On the way to find a bar, a group of kids started harassing us and me in my dissociative state figured fuck it and started going on like "what? You wanna buy drugs? We have drugs, this is better than speed, 10 bucks and it's yours" etc. We got away from them soon and that experience was quite invigorating, until my friend started absolutely going off on me about how stupid I was. I'm so embarrassing, socially incompetent, I don't understand anything, I was only giving them a laugh, on and on. This time (he put me down often) I decided to not take it and defend myself, I said he needed to get over himself, not take himself to seriously, just have a laugh. Well, this made it all worse, and finally he was like "bye" and walked off.

I immediately envisioned how this would go. I'd have to find my way back and figure out the buses myself in my current state, and once we got back we'd still be in conflict and everything would be lonely misery. I caught up with him and apologized profusely, everything's my fault, etc. So we found a bar, and not much alcohol on an empty stomach later everything was fine and dandy again.

Eventually we left and went to grab a bus back. At the station there were some security guards which he pointed out, to which I said "oh it's fine, everyone's drunk right now" (saturday night). Okay, next bus in 20 minutes, let's go for a walk. As soon as we went out, he went off on me again. "Everyone's drunk right now" who says something that stupid? Now they're gonna think we're on something else, etc etc. World came crashing down again. The bus ride back was silent. He apologized for the second time. I asked if we could talk about things. He said nah, not now, some other time. I knew that wouldn't happen, because as soon as I'm sober I put on the cool mask and pretend everything's chill.

Next day my brain chemistry was still scrambled from the pill, I had some hysterical fucking breakdown and punched my own arm swollen and bruised to deal with it. All around awful experience.

Jesus, this became a wall of text. Guess I'm still not over it.

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