What’s your worst experience with the police in the U.K

Spent a few years working for them. Quickly realised that while there are some nice people attracted to the job, they either become soulless arseholes fairly quick, leave, or have major depression. The culture is just fucking awful. Us vs them mentality prevails. Whilst the training and safeguards prevent them from being anything like as awful as the US for example, it would only take the right bit of direction from government to get it that way fairly quick, the attitudes are already there.

Worst example? One of the sergeants gave his blessing his a PCSO who was making it his mission to antagonise a 14 year old boy into assaulting him, in order that he could then give him a kicking and get him done for assaulting an officer. They justified it to themselves because the boy was known on the estate for causing a lot of damage/anti social behaviour. Seeing that was the the day I went, fuck this I'm out, and started looking for another job.

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