What’s your worst experience with the police in the U.K

When I was 15 I was buying some weed (typical I know) then as I got the weed an undercover police office stepped out of his unmarked car made himself known as a policeman but I just panicked and ran but as I ran he threw me to the ground an then proceeded to kick the shit out of me 3 or 4x as I shouted for help, he must of been around 6"3 or more and was a heavy build and I must of been what like 5"6 and small, I was eventually arrested but when they were interviewing me I just kept repeating I was going to report the police office for excessive force and in the end they let me go with 0 charges, if I didn't run I probably would of got away Scott free with a warning but still I shouldn't of been beaten on the ground by a large man just for running.

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