What is a safety tip everyone should know about?

But it is exactly what is discussed here. People advocate for tourniquets on any kind of bleeding, no assessment, just slap it on and call it a day. No one even directly mentioned exclusively deep wounds or gun shot wounds before - Just basic bleeding. Not to mention that gun shot wounds aren't even a concern in many places ... They're so insanely uncommon in central Europe that they're not even relevant in first aid training, which is why I said situations and training may vary from country to country. That is exactly what I'm arguing.

And even deeper wounds might rather be treated in different ways. As I said with the example of dislocation of fractures. Life saving always has priority, which is also why there's a big emphasis on CPR chest compressions that you will likely break ribs, yet you should continue with enough pressure. But sometimes comfort and stress are also important factors if a wound is not life threatening. You don't want the person you try to help fighting you, because in the end you won't help them that way, either.

I don't want to attack your qualification or anything. But as I said before. I personally had a discussion with the red cross instructors about that topic and why tourniquets lost importance in favour of other things in the training, which is just a fact here in Europe / Germany. I'd argue the people comparing those training also have some qualifications and involve quite a bit of real data into their decision making process and that it is, for a reason, still a highly discussed topic.

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