What is a Scam that everybody should know about?

In my country if you move house a lot you will often find yourself being chased by "debt collectors" for debt that you do not owe... You'll get texts and sometimes emails saying something along the lines of "We are BPO or some other acronym, please contact us regarding an urgent matter usinf reference xxxx" and they usually they include your name.

The most frustrating thing is if you do contact them they phish you for details and will refuse to tell you what they are, even more infuriating, they are legit companies but as soon as you start giving them your details beyond your name you can now expect to get harassed 24/7 from hundreds of different numbers.

Finally, if you try to contest this debt they'll say they will go back to the lender except they don't do that, they give it to another one of these damn companies and there are literally tens of thousands of them... oh yeh they'll ruin your credit file as well.... Secondly if you pay this imaginary debt you will find yourself inundated with these sorts of messages every few months.

There's little information on how to fight them outside of going through a lot of paperwork and process but this will eat your life away. The only way I have found in dealing with them is either not responding or if they are persistent then telling them you are homeless or are in a long term mental hospital and they do eventually put you on some sort of database and you stop getting hassled.

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