What scams have you fallen victim of?

Pc world / Curry’s Not a well known scam but I went to buy a PC many years ago, decided I wanted to own it despite them pushing for a lease. Signed paperwork and didn’t think anything of it, two years later they demand me to return the computer. Look at paperwork and see that all of it says it’s owned by me......except the one piece of paper I signed. I remember double checking it when I bought it so they must have swapped out the paperwork, legal system wouldn’t have it because I had signed a lease so partially my fault. They said I had to lease another product in order to ‘own’ my old PC so I did otherwise I would lose it. Got them to say in writing it was now owned by me. I went to return the leased product another 2 years later and they said I had to return the ‘owned PC’ as well. I sent them a copy of the email and the letters saying I owned it, they slammed never to receive them. Eventually I caught them out and they said I could keep the PC out of good faith even though the original confirmation was invalid because they ‘never would have said I could keep it’ Not exactly a scam just a dodgy company.

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