What scares you most about getting old?

I have low functioning autism and a stereotypical special needs body. I know the non-selfish thing to do is to let my parents put me in a home where strangers will look after me but I am too disgusting and selfish to accept that. My mother has the early onset dementia gene run in her family so she will probably not be able to recognise her family by the age of 60 and my dad struggles to walk due to a condition that runs in his family.

Also my stereotypical special needs body means I will age poorly (if I even live long enough to age). My apple shaped body will turn into a beach ball on toothpicks, my permanent baby fat on my face will sag and my massive nose and ears will take up most of my face. I will also end up losing several inches in height on top of the dwarfism I already have caused by having special needs. I will probably also be too fat to move or wear clothing since I already weigh over 21 stone at 21. I will probably break the world record for the fattest person ever.

also early onset dementia.

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