What scares you most about the future?

Diving in the deep end for social transition. I have a rather large group of friends who know now, but most of those aren't local, and the ones that are basically don't exist for practical purposes because we are all working adults with schedules that are a pain to manage.

I'm currently waiting on my name change court date. After I have that name change order in my hand I'm changing my ID and changing my gender marker for everything. A facebook post will follow shortly after.

...That is the most I've been able to plan. I don't know what happens next or even what I should do. All I know is I'll have a couple of extremely rough months getting used to the fact that I've finally achieved my life's dream and I have to figure out the social ques and other smallish things I don't see in the limited time I've presented out to see if I could do it.

Passing and the like aren't huge issues. I doubt I pass right now (a couple of cis folks have said I do but all the sirs in boy mode tells me otherwise), and I'll doubt I ever pass. Can't change that, so I'll spend my energy on things I can fix and hope that I'll be able to weather the storm.

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