What is the scariest encounter with another human you have ever experienced?

I was visiting my sister. Time to go. I'm wheelchair-bound and had taken the bus because my van was in the shop. I go about 8 blocks to a bus stop which is on the other side of a traffic light. Not the bright lit wide sidewalk side. The one in the dark with the narrow sidewalk and big gully I didn't want to fall into. (I like asphalt, streetlights, and traffic — I'm actually spooked by the lonely rural areas.) The area is also called stink and mink — nice areas alongside some projects. I had been waiting about 5 minutes in this big black guy in a hoodie came around the corner directly towards me. I couldn't see his face at all. For some reason I was freaked. He walked directly to me and said "You need any help?" Me, "I'm good, thanks." And then he disappeared into the dark without a trace.

The bus arrives and it is crappy and rundown. First it breaks down we have to transfer into another bus. And then when I get where I'm going the straps they used to tie my chair down got spun up in my wheel. The bus driver couldn't get the strap out and had to call his supervisor. His supervisor took like an hour to get there. I was so scared that I would be on that bus until morning.

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