What is the scariest medical procedure that has been performed on you?

gallbladder removal surgery. The surgeon in charge seemed to think I might be 'faking' it to get pain pills because I had 2 ER trips within 2 months, and a hysterectomy in between. I had been in pain for months with weekly attacks and after surgery he reduced the dosage on my pain meds from what it was post surgery. I was in agonizing pain for 3 hours after crying out so loudly the nurse was told to close the door so the other patients wouldnt hear me. 3 hours after, just as it was supposed to, the injected pain block kicked in and the pain magically disappeared. I didnt even realize the surgeon thought I might be faking it until the follow up when I told him how incompetent the anesthesiologist was in letting me hurt so bad after surgery, to which he said 'well you had been to the ER twice, got pain meds from your own gp (as directed by the ER) and another surgeon gave you pain meds too. Then he opened up the lab results and oh surprise the removed organ was 'limp, pale, flaccid (should be dark and firm) and covered in scar tissue from past attacks.

It was terrifying to be in that much pain and have no one in a hospital help, it was terrifying later to realize the reason why was the surgeon made a wrong assumption that I was drug seeking (never occurred to me that trying to have my health issue cared for would be considered drug seeking because I was in real pain) and terrifying now to even consider having another procedure and realizing it could happen again, and maybe be more likely to because things might now be in my records thanks to him. Worse yet, I have a chronic disease so obviously new health issues are most assuredly going to arise in the future.

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