What is the scariest/most fucked up dream you've ever had?

I don't remember the beggining clearly, and the parts I do remember would take way too long to describe, so this is just a quick summary.

I go to six flags with my dad. Not any six flags that exists, more of an amusement park with random somewhat unsafe rides that my brain just called six flags. I think there was some evil plot by one of the vendors to make everyone in the park buy her food, but we stopped that from happening. That part's pretty unclear though. I remember being too scared to get on the rollar coasters, so we just walked around a bit. Then there were tornados. (My worst fear, yay) and everyone ran to tornado shelters, waited for them to pass, then got back out amd continued like nothing had happened.

Then there was a random floating airport. I remember noticing, and people just shrugging it off like giant floating airports are completely 100% normal and not a concern at all. So we continued like normal. There was this slide thingy. Think of it like a giant slip&slide down a long hill with a sled. I was next in line when the person in front of me fell off and broke his arm or something. As I was debating what to do, two planes suddenly launched off the floating airport.

Well, for whatever reason a random floating airport is zero concern, but if two planes take off the world is ending. Someone shouted that there were terrorists from Pakistan coming to bomb us. Don't ask why Pakistan. I don't know why. I just know that when it was said there was just a feeling of absolute certainty that they were correct.

Now shit gets bad. I grab a sled and go down the slide. This separates me from my dad. I want to find him but I can't. I don't have time. If I don't get to the tornado shelter, which has now turned into a tiny bomb shelter that can only hold 15 people, I'll die. So I'm crying as I run for the shelter. I'm the last in. I reconize my classmates there. I'm the closest to the entrence. We're maybe thirty feet underground.

I was considering my odds. Was being closer to the entrence good? What if the roof caved in on us? What would happen afterwords? But something wasn't right. It had been a minute or two of just silence. Everyone waiting in fear for our deaths. And then it hit me: the terrorists were laughing at us. They wanted us to wait, to feel the terror, to know we were going to die but to be powerless to stop it. And I was so fucking angry, and so fucking scared, and trying not to think of my dad out there in the crowd of people, out in the open, probably more worried about me than himself. And I'm waiting. And crying.

And then all of the sudden I felt some impending sense of doom, a terror more real than anything I've felt in real life. The bombs still hadn't been dropped, but the terror was there. And it was so real. It was pure, raw terror. I honestly swear it felt like I was actually about tondieto die. And I'm waiting still. But the fear somehow gets worse.

And then I woke up. That's it. The bombs were never dropped. I just woke up and started crying, half from the fear and half from relief.

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