What is the scariest thing you’ve ever seen while driving at night?

I was a truck driver on the Pennsylvania turnpike at around 3 am. This was in a remote area so there were no lights on this section of the highway. It was two lanes going in one direction separated from the other two lanes going the other direction by a concrete divider about waist high. There were reflectors spaced along the top of that barrier at regular intervals.

As I was approaching a curve to the right up ahead I could tell there was something in the middle of the road because the pattern of reflectors was interrupted and that thing was moving because the interruption in the reflections was moving. I spotted this from about 300 feet ahead going 75 miles per hour, so there wasn't much time to process what I was seeing.

By the time I reached the thing in the road a second or two later, I could tell that it was roughly humanoid in shape and size, walking in the same direction as I was driving. It turned to face me as I passed it and lunged in my direction toward the driver's side door. I was in the outside lane so it must have moved (jumped?) about 15 feet horizontally within a fraction of a second in order to get that close to me. I thought I heard/felt it make contact with the truck but I'm not sure.

Sometimes I wish I had spotted it sooner but it all happened so fast. Other times I'm glad I never got a clear view of it.

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